Dear Sammy Jane …

Too many happy memories

Begin to weigh us down,

So now we leave our little pink house

And our friendly seaside town.

We hope you will forgive us

As we travel on to adventures new,

You know you travel in our hearts

We’re never far from you.

Seven long and lonely years

Since the day you went away,

How we miss your sunny smiles

On this your angel day.

Your hugs, your love, your magic,

Blue eyes and golden hair,

The way we laughed together,

The way you always cared.

You left this world too early,

But your love will always shine,

And always I’ll remember

Your little hand clasped in mine
2016 Update

Once again we would like to thank you all for your continued support. Our Sam is always in our thoughts and hearts, even more so at this time of year.

We would like to thank Sams cousins Rachel and Amber for continuing to fund raise in Sam's name.

Rachel completed a 12 hour spinathon and raised £200.

Amber raised £223 from a non uniform day at school.

Many thanks to you all.

August 2015

We would like to thank you all for continuing to raise money and donate to Sams Fund. In particular we would like to thank Claire Brown who continues to raise money for Sam and this year took part in the Spartan Sprint. Well done Claire, and thank you.

It has now been six years since we lost our beautiful daughter, and we still love and miss her more each day.


                                                                                    When Sammy Jane walked through the door

Her smile lit up the room.

Her effervescent nature

Was like bubbling champagne.

Her kindness and compassion

Was second best to none,

Her life was full of laughter,

Her driving force was fun.


So… I wish that I could turn back time

And hug you once again.

I wish there was some magic way

To take away this pain.

To bear this grief’s the hardest thing

I’ve ever had to do,

To live each day, each breath I take

Is harder without you.

Each lonely beat my heart makes

Reminds me you’re not there,

My bestest friend, dear daughter,

Such secrets we did share.

I sometimes think I hear your voice

And smell your sweet perfume,

I dream you’re here beside me,

Then wake to find you’ve gone.

I’ll feel your love inside of me

Until the end of time,

But only soundly will I sleep

When your little hand’s back in mine.

 December 2014

 October 2014

We would like to thank all those still donating to Sam's fund.

On the 22nd October Sam should have been 33. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We all miss you more than ever.

 August 2014

We would like to thank Claire Bingham for continuing to raise money for the Samantha Thompson Fund, and also those of you who continue to support the fund through your monthly donations.

It will be five years since we lost our beautiful daughter on August 13th 2014. We continue to miss her, love her and think about her every day. 

 December Update

 We would like to thank Mike Whatley for raising money for the Samantha Thompson Fund by competing in the Gower Triathlon. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year. Our thoughts as ever at this time of year are with our Angel.

 October Update

 Happy Birthday dearest Sammy Jane


White feathers on the carpet,

A kettle that always sings,

An open door or window,

A multitude of things.

A thought pops up from nowhere,

A picture tilts or falls,

Is it messages from angels?

Or is it really nothing at all?

A dog still sleeps serenely

Beside an empty bed,

And seems to wag her tail

At a person in her head.

A seat that’s never empty,

A voice that’s in your ear,

Is it messages from angels?

Yes, I believe they’re really here.

Car doors that lock and unlock

Mindless of the key,

Are our angels travelling with us,

Looking after you and me?

And what about the rainbows

Popping up on rainy days,

Brightening special occasions

With their hue and golden haze?

So many special messages

In so many different ways.

Yes , I believe in angels,

And I hope they’ll with me stay.

 August 2013

 On 13th August it will be four years since we said goodbye to our beautiful daughter.

Yesterday I had a daydream,

I didn’t want to wake.

I heard you calling to me

Across the garden gate.

That voice so dear it called my name,

My heart leaped at the sound,

Tumultuous joy enveloped me –

I jumped up and stared around.

I felt your presence around me

As a downy feather floated down,

And Lucy’s tale was wagging

As she cavorted around.

I’m sure you came to see me

In the garden yesterday,

I just wished I could have seen your face

And wished you could have stayed.

Sleep peacefully sweetheart

We will always love you


July 2013

We would like to thank you all for your continued interest in Sam's Fund. Due to health reasons we have been unable to continue with our fundraising events this year, but will do so as soon as possible. 

Pictured below is Helen Thompson completeing this years 'Race for Life' in a very respectable 33 minutes 33 seconds. Well done Helen!

Christmas 2012

Thank you all for remembering Samantha through your fundraising efforts this year.We would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

October Update

We would once again like to thank all our Three Peaks Challengers who have so far raised a magnificent total of £2797.00! Well done everybody!


Our beautiful daughter should have been 31 today (22.10.2012). Happy Birthday Sammy Jane.


You were such a beautiful baby,

Wide blue eyes and curly blonde hair,

Heart full of love, head full of dreams…

I close my eyes and I see you there.

 We shared so many adventures

As you grew from a child to a teen.

You turned into a stunning young woman…

How I long for what might have been.

Love was our pillow, joy filled our hearts

Why, dearest daughter, did we have to part?

You were my love, my life, my dearest friend-

How could it come to so tragic an end?

Today you should be thirty-one,

My broken heart must carry on.

Promise, my hairbear, you’ll wait for me-

Together forever in eternity.


Love and miss you always



September Update 

We would like to congratulate all our gallant Three Peaks Challengers on completeing such a tough and gruelling challenge!

After a minibus breakdown, and an initial reoccurrence of a knee injury (picked up whilst training) to Nick Thompson on Ben Nevis, they still managed to complete the challenge in 28 hours 32 minutes!

We would like to commend Nick for his courage in struggling on to complete Ben Nevis in 5 hours 48 minutes, despite the pain of his knee, so that the challenge could continue. We would also like to thank Adam, Dan, Graham and the two girls, Jess and Hayley, for sticking with Nick and helping him down the mountain.

This was a truly magnificent effort by everyone as our initial problems meant that Scafell Pike had to be climbed in the dark - not an easy task at all! We were, however, very lucky with the roads and the traffic and Phil did a stirling job to keep within the alotted driving times, and the weather smiled on us too.

Once again congratulations to you all and we will let you know how much was raised once the sponsor money is collected in.


13th August 2012 

 It is now three years since we lost our beautiful angel. Never a day goes by that she isn't in our thoughts. She will always be with us. Our hearts will always be hers. 

We’ll see you in our dreams tonight

 The way we always do.

We’ll hug our pillows very tight

And make believe it’s you.

We’ll whisper secrets in your ear,

The kind we used to share.

We’ll see you in our dreams tonight,

Please, please Sam, be there.


May Update

We have often been asked to show a picture of Sam's memorial at Hawkinge for those of you who live too far away to visit. So here it is! Also shown is a copy of Sam's tree certificate! The Woodland Trust is creating a Diamond Jubilee Wood at Normanton le Heath in Leicestershire. Every tree will be dedicated to a particular person, the names of whom will be included, along with their dedication, in a book presented to HM the Queen. Sam has a tree!



Magpies football club are attempting to complete the Three Peaks Challenge on the weekend of 8th/9th September. If you would like to sponsor them or find out more information on their challenge please visit .


April Update

Congratulations to Ashley Close for finishing the London Marathon in a very respectable time of 4hrs 26minutes! Thankyou for raisng £785.00 for Sam's Fund!

We would like to thank everyone who came along and supported our Quiz Night at The Folkestone Railway Club. It was a fantastic evening raising £383.00 for 'The Samantha Thompson Fund'! We would like to thank Mark and Simon from The Railway Club for their continued support and Nigel, our Quizmaster, who did an incredible job. We would like to thank all the teams who came along to support us including family, friends and teams from both Holiday Extras and Britstore. The Quiz winners were team 'Quizzy Rascals', followed closely by team 'Doing a Bit', and team 'Quiz on My Face Not in My Hair' in third. Congratulations to you all and we hope everybody had an enjoyable evening.

The winning team 'Quizzy Rascals' (left) and Nick presenting second and third to teams 'Doing a Bit' and 'Quiz on My Face Not in My Hair'.


We would like to wish Ashley Close from Holiday Extras Good Luck in the fothcoming  Virgin London Marathon and to thank him and his fiancee Sarah for the money they have already raised for The Samantha Thompson Fund.


March Update

We will be holding a Family Quiz Night with raffle at Folkestone Railway Club, Canterbury Road, Folkestone on Thursday 19th April, starting at 7.30pm. We would love to see you there!

The Magpies football club will be attempting the Three Peaks Challenge in September - more details to follow.

February Update

Fundraising has had to be put on hold this year whilst recovering from a broken leg sustained whilst walking the dogs over the Downs in late December! We would like to belatedly wish you all a Happy 2012. Sam would have been beside herself with excitement this year with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games to look forward to in London. She would have thrown herself into it with gusto - indeed she had already planned out the events she wanted to go to! Getting her hands on the tickets could have been a problem though!

Ashley Close who works at Holiday Extras in Newingreen will be running in this years Virgin London Marathon on 22nd April and raising money for The Samantha Thompson Fund. Good Luck and thank you Ashley!

December Update 

We would like to thank you all for a fantastic years fundraising! The total raised for the Samantha Thompson Fund now stands at an amazing £10,751.00!! 

Early next year we will be holding another Quiz at Folkestone Railway Club, and Magpies Football Club are hoping to conquer the Three Peaks challenge! We will let you know more about these and other events in the new year.

On a personal note we would like to congratulate Sam's brother Nick and his beautiful wife Helen - their first baby is due in May! Sam would have made such a wonderful Auntie.

We would like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

For Sam :

This year we're going back to Disney

To restore our roots again.

Without you standing by us

It won't be quite the same.

We're going to find the magic

That once filled all our lives,

Rekindle that fire and passion

That used to burn inside.

You'd understand our reasons,

Nick and Helen's secret joy,

You'd have been such a special Auntie

To their little girl or boy.

I can imagine your excitement,

Your laughing eyes and beaming smile,

I feel your love within my heart -

Find comfort for a while.

And 'bump' will know that special Auntie

That cruel fate stole away,

Know your hopes and love your dreams

That made it Christmas every day.

You'll always be our little girl,

I'll always miss your hand in mine,

I imagine nestling in your arms

And hugging like old times.

So, sweet dreams my precious Angel,

Happy Christmas Sammy Jane,

I'll let your love engulf my heart

Until we meet again.


Love and miss you always

xxxMum & Dadxxx




 October Update


Our beautiful daughter would have been 30 years old on 22nd October. God bless you Sam.We will always love you. xx 


Kam Bola managed to complete 'The Royal Parks Half Marathon' in one hour and fifty eight seconds and raised over £700!  What a tremendous achievement! This means that The Samantha Thompson Fund has now reached, and passed, £10,000.00!! Well done everyone!

Sam's friend Kam Bola is running in 'The Royal Parks Half Marathon' in London on 9th October to raise money for The Samantha Thompson Fund. Good Luck Kam, Sam would be so proud!


September Update

The Samantha Thompson Fund now stands at £9,714.91! Well done everyone for your magnificent fund raising efforts. We are hoping to reach £10,000.00 by the end of the year! This money will be going towards stem cell research into MLL and other acute leukaemias. We cannot thank you all enough.


We would like to thank Greg Kennedy for his stirling efforts around Fowlmead Cycle Circuit. He managed to raise another £155 for Sam's Fund! Well done Greg!


The second annual Samantha Thompson Golf Memorial was again held at Etchinghill Golf Club on Thursday 15th September. Although not quite so well attended as last year we would like to thank sincerely all those who did turn out on the day. The weather smiled on us and it was a beautiful sunny morning. We were joined this year by Professor Lister from St. Barts who kindly agreed to say a few words after dinner and to present the trophies. We managed to raise another £290 for Sam's Fund.

 Brian Smissen won both the putting competition and the Samantha Thompson Challenge Cup with a stableford points score of 38. Andy Enston was second with a score of 37 and Peter Maddox third with 36. Congratulations and well done to you all. The Longest Drive was won by Dave Dennis, and the two Nearest the Pin's were won by Mick Brazier and David Thompson.

We would once again like to say a special thank you to Dawn Maddox for her help on the day.

 The pictures show Professor Lister with Brian Smissen (top left), all of our golfers (above), and Professor Lister with Andy Enston and Pete Maddox (left).


August Update 

It has now been two years since we have lost our beautiful daughter. We will always miss her.






Sam's memorial at Hawkinge was awash with floral tributes on August 13th. It looked so beautiful!


 We would like to thank Sam's friend Claire Brown (nee Bingham) for her fundraising efforts including those at her wedding!


Sam's cousin Greg Kennedy will be doing a sponsored bike ride on Sunday 21st August in aid of The Samantha Thompson Fund. He will be cycling 50 miles around the Fowlmead Cycle Circuit near Deal in Kent. Good Luck Greg!



June Update

We would like to congratulate the Rosemary Conley Club on the success of their 'Black and White Dinner Dance' held at Folkestone's East Cliff Pavillion. They raised nearly £3000 for leukaemia charities, £1500 of which will be going to The Samantha Thompson Fund. We would like to thank the organisers and all those who attended for their generosity and support. Special thanks go to Caroline Ward and to Sam's auntie Liz Thompson.


At 11.15am on Sunday 29th May twelve Magpies, including Nick Sam’s brother and Adam Sam’s cousin who organised the event, together with Sam’s partner, Stuart, completed a gruelling half marathon outside the Pilgrims Hospice at Ashford. Some found it easier than others but they all finished together as a team. Sam would have been so proud of them all.

After taking time to freshen up, they all met together again at Folkestone Railway Club where they were joined by friends and family. A fantastic time was had by all.

We would like to thank Adam for organising the event, Carol and Naomi for doing a magnificent job in the kitchen providing hot dogs and hamburgers for all, The Railway Club and the band Soul Intention for keeping the party going, the KM Group and Kevin Daly for their coverage of the event and  everyone who pledged money, and last, but not least, all the runners. They enjoyed themselves so much that they are now thinking of taking on the Three Peaks Challenge together!

The money raised at The Railway Club, together with that pledged to the runners, should total in the region of £1200 – enough to singularly pay for Sam’s Memorial Bench. We really cannot thank everyone enough! All excess monies raised will be payed into Sam’s Fund for Leukaemia Research.

Pictured here outside the Folkestone Railway Club are the Magpies runners. From left to right across and bottom Phil(Sam's Dad), Steve Elkins, Dan Dray(Sam's cousin), Shane Spearpoint, Charlie Gardiner, Ian Rowley, Adam Todd(Sam's cousin). Second row Reece Abel, Jack Davis, Luke Jones, Travis Thrale, Stuart Inskip(Sam's partner), and Nick Thompson(Sam's brother). Also running was Lee Jones.                       



Finally, I would like to remind you that  we will be holding the second Samantha Thompson Golf Memorial on Thursday 15th September at Etchinghill Golf Club near Folkestone. 7.30 am start.

18 Holes stableford ,coffee & bacon roll on arrival, 2 course meal, £50 per head. Plus putting & chipping competitions & raffle.

Please contact Phil Thompson on 01303 257790/07790175780 or email for further details.

May Update

Sadly Mark and Anna Blackman have had to postpone their 'pianothon' in May, but they are hoping to hold it later in the summer. I will advise you of the new date a.s.a.p.

Our Quiz at Folkestone Railway Club on Thursday 12th May raised another £156 in aid of Sams Memorial Bench. I would like to thank all those who supported this event and made it such an enjoyable evening. Once again I would like to say a special thank you to Mark and Simon at the Railway Club, and to all those who donated raffle prizes. Congratulations to the winning team 'Nanny Doris' pictured below, led by Pete and Dawn Maddox.

On Sunday 29th May the lads from Magpies FC, who recently won the SML Memorial Cup, will be doing a sponsored half marathon between Folkestone and Ashford, also to raise money for Sam's Memorial Bench. They will be joined by Sam's partner Stuart. Good Luck to you all!

There will also be a live band and BBQ afterwards at Folkestone Railway Club. Everyone welcome from 2pm onwards.

Finally, Sam's Memorial Bench was put in place last Wednesday 11th May! It looks wonderful! Next time you are in London you should take the Tube to St Pauls and pop across to the gardens opposite to see it - even sit there and take the weight off your feet for a while.

April Update

'The Face of Courage' has now arrived and the remaining copies will be on sale at the Quiz on May 12th. I would like to thank all those who have supported Sam's Memorial Bench by already purchasing a copy.


Mark and Anna Blackman will be holding their second annual Pianothon in aid of The Samantha Thompson Fund on Saturday 28th May at their home in Seabrook. 

 March Update

We will be holding the second Samantha Thompson Golf Memorial on Thursday 15th September at Etchinghill Golf Club near Folkestone. This will be an all day event and we will publish details on this website as soon as they are finalised. Please put this date in your diaries!

We are holding a Quiz at Folkestone Railway Club on Thursday 12th May to raise money for Sam's Memorial bench. The pictures below are of Christchurch Greyfriars Gardens, currently being replanted and refurbished, where Sam's bench will be placed in May this year

 February Update

In Folkestone the 'The Rosemary Conley Club' are organising a 'black and white' Ball in aid of leukaemia. The profits will be shared between local leukaemia charities including 'The Samantha Thompson Fund'.The Ball will be held at the East Cliff Pavilion, Wear Bay Road, Folkestone on Saturday June 18th. Tickets will cost £35.00 each inclusive of your meal. For further details please contact Caroline Ward on 01303 211755.

My poem book 'The Face of Courage', telling of our emotional struggles throughout Sam's illness, is finally on the way! The final proof has been checked and we are expecting delivery during the next few weeks! All profits from the books will be going towards Sams memorial bench which is now being prepared! The cost of the book will be £6.99 plus £1.99 p&p. If you are interested in pre ordering a copy of 'The Face of Courage' please send a cheque or postal order made payable to 'Kim Thompson' for £8.98, plus your own name and address to the following address

The Face of Courage, 20 Joyes Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 6NX

The books will be posted out as soon as they arrive.

 January Update

It has been a bit of a slow start to 2011, but having finally chased away all of our flu bugs we're ready to start making plans for this years fundraising.

It has long been a dream of Phil's and mine to have a permanent memorial to our beautiful daughter in London where she fought her bravest battle and touched so many lives. After consultation with the City of London Council Phil has managed to reach agreement on having an oak bench placed in 'Christchurch Greyfriars Gardens' bearing a plaque in Sam's name.

 'Christchurch Greyfriars Gardens' is opposite St Pauls underground station (heading towards St. Barts Hospital). It is steeped in history. It was originally built as the church of a Franciscan monastery. This gothic church was destroyed by The Great Fire of London in 1666 and a new church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, was completed in 1687. This church was destroyed during the Blitz of the the second world war after which it wasn't rebuilt. A public gardens was laid out in the nave area of the listed ruins in 1989.

It was in these beautiful rose gardens that Sam would meet us during the times she was well enough to stay at home and travel into London for her daily treatments. Either Phil or I, sometimes the both of us, would arrive at St Pauls underground station and cross the road to see Sam sitting waiting for us, always in her little green hat and long, blonde 'Dolly' wig. That smile and wave as she greeted us was priceless, worth more than all the money in the world, and the memory of those giant, 'hairbear' hugs that followed still makes me tingle and sets my heart aglow.

We need to raise in the region of £1200 for Sammy's bench  and plans are underway.The first £60 has already been raised by kind donations. A poem book, written by myself during Sams illness telling of our emotional struggles at the time will (hopefully)  soon be on sale at a price of £6.99, all profits to go to the bench fund. Watch this space for details!

Other fundraising events are in the planning stages and we will let you know about these a.s.a.p

December Update

 We would like to thank everyone for making this, our first year, so successful and raising nearly £7,000 ! Thank you once again!

It just remains now for us to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2011!


Christmas Memories

I remember those Christmas shopping trips
And how much fun we had?
We'd search each store and still want more,
Dragging all our bags!
We'd tango with the teddies
In Lakeside's 'Build-a-Bear',
We'd try each toy and jump for joy
In Disney stores everywhere!
We'd try on hats, and gloves, and tops,
And wouldn't miss a shop
As our poor feet hit Oxford Street
And you never let me stop!
We'd start early in the morning
But we'd never seem to flag
'Till that last store kicked us out the door
With empty pockets and bulging bags!
I'll never forget those magical moments,
How we loved to be together,
Laughing. hugging, chatting, cuddling -
We thought it would last forever


Sammy's Christmas Quiz was held at Folkestone Railway Club on Thursday 9th December and we would like to thank everyone who helped to make it such an enjoyable evening raising a further £250 for Sams fund. We would especially like to thank Mark and Simon from the Railway Club  and all those who donated raffle prizes. The winning team, Team '!' was led by Dave Shrewsbury

October Update


October 22nd would have been Sams 29th Birthday! We miss her so much.



'Sammy's Christmas Quiz' will take place at Folkestone Railway Club on Thursday 9th December, 7.00pm for 7.30pm start! Come along and enjoy an evening of family fun!



 September Update


The first Samantha Thompson Golf Memorial tournament took place at Etchinghill Golf Club on Thursday 2nd September. The weather was warm and sunny and the event was well supported with twenty four golfers taking up the challenge. Despite the difficulty of the greens and the steep contours of the course everyone enjoyed themselves and put in some very respectable scores!

An excellent dinner preceded the presentation to the winners.

First prize and The Samantha Thompson Challenge Cup went to Robert Winstanley with a net score of 67! Colin Carter took second place with a net score of 69 and third place went to Dave Green with a net score of 70.

The Longest Drive was won by John Smith, and nearest the pins went to Simon Thompson, Ian Blaskett, Robert Winstanley and Brian Smisson.

We would like to thank all those who took part for making it such a successful day and raising £420. We would also like to thank Dawn Maddox for her help on the day and look forward to welcoming everyone back next year!





We would like to thank everyone concerned with this summers fundraising activities and now look forward to 'Sammy's Christmas Quiz' in early December.


 August Update

On a happy note Sams brother Nick married Helen his beautiful bride at St Mary and St Eanswythes Church, Folkestone, and Sams partner Stuart did a magnificent job as Nicks Best man. The reception at The Grand Hotel was wonderful - a very good time was had by all, although there were some sombre moments, especially when everyone stood and raised their glasses to Sam - she would have been Nick and Helens bridesmaid! She would have been so jealous when they later jetted off for an unforgettable honeymoon in the Maldives.



As you all know our beautiful daughter has now been gone for one whole long year. Our hearts will always ache and we will always yearn to see her face and feel her hairbear hugs.




Sadly the Donkey Derby at Radnor Park Folkestone was a washout! A mornings heavy rain followed an overnight deluge, and although some donkey races did take place between afternoon showers the usual crowds just didn't materialise!


However, the first Samantha Thompson Golf Memorial Tournament will go ahead at Etchinghill Golf Club on Thursday 2nd September - lets keep our fingers crossed for the weather!


July Update 


'The Samantha Thompson Fund for Leukaemia Research at Barts and The London Charity' will be represented at this years Lions Club Donkey Derby day at Radnor Park, Folkestone on Saturday 14th August. Please come along and support us, the more the merrier!


We will also be holding a 'Samantha Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament' at Etching Hill Golf Club on Thursday 2nd September. Entry fee £50 per person to include coffee and a bacon roll on arrival, followed by 18 holes of golf and a two course dinner with presentation of the trophies. Please contact Phil Thompson on 07790175780 for further information.


 Dave Pay of the Folkestone Railway Club presented Phil Thompson with a cheque for £200 for 'The Samantha Thompson Fund'. This money was raised from an all day darts tournament held in honour of the late Nicky Gurr. We would like to thank all those involved for their efforts.


Pianothon, 29th May 2010 

 Students of piano teacher Mark Blackman performed pieces for four hours and each individual raised money through sponsorship and donations.

Mark said that he was very proud of all his students and that he would like to make it an annual event.

Tea and coffee flowed freely as each student went enthusiastically about their task.

The total amount raised was £400

We would like to thank Mark and his wife Anna for all their efforts.


Charity Football match, 9th May 2010


The Charity Football Match held at Folkestone Invictas Ground was an outstanding success, raising £640 for The Samantha Thompson Fund!

In a close fought game the Magpies Past and Present lost 7 - 5 to a youthful Hythe and Folkestone Sunday Morning League select Team. We would like to thank all those who took part (especially the walking wounded!) the referee, and everyone who donated raffle prizes including the Nail Place and Landau Sports.


Marathon Update, April 2010

Stuart Inskip, Sam's partner, has just successfully completed the London Marathon. She would be so proud of you Stuart! Congratulations on an amazing time of 3hrs 59mins 17secs, and a further pat on the back for the funds you raised, both for The Anthony Nolan Trust and the Samantha Thompson Fund!  Stuart raised over £2000 for the Samantha Thompson Fund.


I could see he was tired as he pounded by

A trickle of sweat, or a tear, rolled past his eye.

Her picture, so happy with him, was pinned to his back,

Giving him strength, as he covered the track.

So strong and so brave, he would never give in,

For her, his true love, that medal he’d win.

I’d swear I could see her jogging beside

The love of her life, she was filled with pride!

Along the Embankment , buoyed by the cheers

He passed out of sight, as the finish he neared.

He said he drew strength from the thought of her face,

To sprint down The Mall and finish his race!

Under four hours! How well did he do!

For the love of his Sam –he did it for you.

We would also like to congratulate David Molloy who raised over £500 for The Samantha Thompson Fund despite being unable to complete the daunting challenge of  the Marathon des Sables. He was forced to pull out after 105 miles on the fourth day, but that in itself was an immense achievement. Well done David!

Please don’t forget our Charity Football Match at Folkestones Ground on May 9th, 2.00pm kick off. Entry will be £2 per person, and the game will be followed by a charity raffle.

Finally, friends and family can share their thoughts and memories of Sam, even light a candle for her, on her page at


April's quiz success

Sammy’s Quiz, held at Folkestone Railway Club on Thursday 8th April, proved to be a huge success, raising £360 for The Samantha Thompson Fund for Leukaemia Research at Barts and The London Charity.

We would like to thank all the teams, and those who donated prizes, making it a memorable evening for all. The winning team, Team Aguillera, consisted of Dawn, Pete and Jimmy Maddox, Julie and Gary Bexen, and Lucy Wellens.

We would also like to thank Pete Maddox who won the ‘Bingo balls’ for donating his prize of £30.Stuart, Sam’s partner, would also like to thank the many people who sponsored him on the night for his forthcoming run in The London Marathon on April 25th.

We hope to welcome everyone back again to our next event, a Charity Football Match between Magpies Past and Present and a representative side from Hythe and Folkestone Sunday Morning League, on May 9th at Folkestone’s Ground, kick-off 2pm. Don’t miss it! This will be Folkestone’s answer to the Charity Shield!

Our thanks go to the Folkestone Lions Club for their kind donation, and also to Karen Upcraft who donated her days’ wages from the Nail Place.

A good start to 2010

With the winter months now drawing to a close plans are starting to take shape! So many of you are now taking up the challenge to raise money for The Samantha Thompson Fund – she would be so proud of you all!

David Molloy (one of Sams good friends from her Canadian adventure!) is taking part in the infamous Marathon des Sables – a 151 mile, six day running race across the Sahara Desert, between the 2nd and 12th of April this year.(see below for more details) Whilst Stuart will be running in the Virgin London Marathon on 25th April this year.

Good Luck and keep on running to both of you!

A special thank you goes to Malcolm McCutcheon for donating his fee for driving the Magpies minibus to their latest Kent Cup match. Cheers Malcolm!

We are holding a Quiz Night with a ‘Sammy twist’ at Folkestone Railway club on Thursday 8th April at 19:30 (£2 per person, teams up to a maximum of 6 members). Everyone welcome! To pre book your team please contact Phil on 07790175780.

Mark Blackman is organising a ‘Pianothon’ at his house in Seabrook on   29th May. So stretch those fingers and keep those ivories tinkling!

There will also be a Charity Football Match at Folkestone’s Ground in Cheriton Road between Magpies Past and Present! Be there or be square! This will be the game of the season – Folkestone’s answer to the Charity Shield! All proceeds to go to the Samantha Thompson Fund. Put the date in your diary – make sure you don’t miss it!

Heading into the summer there are many more events underfoot – I will let you know about these when details are finalised. They include a Folkestone Golf Tournament and maybe an Essex one too, and I believe Nick (Sam's brother) and Stuart intend to take on the Three Peaks Challenge when Nick returns from his August honeymoon!

There! Didn’t I tell you it never rains but it pours! Keep it up everyone!

Anyone else who is raising money for Sam please let us know – send us some details, pictures, etc. and we will put them on the website for you.

Thank you all once again for your efforts. They are very much appreciated.

Here are some details from David on the Marathon des Sables – ‘Toughest Footrace on Earth’ (1st April – 12th April 2010):

Some people buy an Xbox 360, others go to Ibiza. For my mid-twenties crisis I decided to enter the Marathon Des Sables, a race that is widely regarded as the ‘Toughest Footrace on Earth’. So what is the Marathon Des Sables?

Well, in April each year over 800 competitors from around the globe congregate in the world’s largest desert, the Sahara, with the same solitary goal, to complete the gruelling 151 mile course through one of the most inhospitable terrains on the planet and they have just 6 days to do it. On top of this they must carry everything they will need for the journey including clothing, food, sleeping bag and survival kit. What a hoot!!!

The race starts from a location approximately 6 hours drive from the small town of Ouazarate, Morocco. Competitors are allowed 2 days to acclimatise to conditions in the desert before commencing the first of 6 stages.

The stages of the race are;

Stage 1.                       17 miles

Stage 2.                       23 miles

Stage 3.                       26 miles

Stage 4.                       50 miles

Stage 5.                       26 miles

Stage 6.                       9 miles

Prior to entering the Marathon Des Sables I had never ran further that 13 miles, let alone 151, so I am under no illusions as to how hard this race will be. However, I have been training for the past year and am confident that I can finish.

And hopefully, through my participation in the Marathon des Sables I will be able to help raise awareness and money for the Samantha Thompson Fund.

Harriet Griffiths, Sam's good friend, who she met during her year in Canada together with her friend Lacey, taking part in the annual Light the Night walk raising money for leukemia and lymphoma in America. 

Stuart with his friend Denny, who ran the Bristol half marathon last September raising money for Cancer Research.

Sam running the Race for Life in memory of her grandad in 2008 before leukemia struck.

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