This website is dedicated to the memory of the bravest, most courageous young woman I have ever known. I proudly say this as her mother, and as her friend. I always knew that Sam, was an amazing young woman. I never realised how strong and resolute she could be until leukaemia struck last year.

Sam had a very rare type of this disease, known as MLL, about which very little is known, treatment still being in its early stages of development. We need more money for research now. There is much to be learned about this devastating disease which strikes indiscriminately with lightening speed.

Sam had barely had a sick day in her life – beautiful, vital, and so full of life. This disease took away her future, and ours – don’t let it take yours too. Together with Sam's partner Stuart, our son Nick and his wife Helen, we have joined together with the Barts and London Charity to start the Samantha Thompson Fund to aid research into all acute leukemias. I appeal to you all. Help us now.

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